Programming and app development

We identify your Programming and app development needs, pick the best technologies, and use the leading processes to build custom streaming video and audio solutions

Our expertise provides clients with problem solving and analytical skills, as well as solid background knowledge focused around QoS.

  • Deployment of advanced media technologies (Streaming, Encoding, Transcoding, Transmuxing)

  • Deployment of  mpeg-dash, H265/H265 on HTTP/S HLS protocols

  • Secure Streaming for intranet or web delivery, HTTPS, RTMPS

  • Pay per view systems implementation(PPV)

  • Client satisfaction analysis for on-demand and live streaming

  • Custom streaming Players development

    • Custom programming of on demand and live video solutions: Wowza, Ngnix, Shoutcast/Icecast

    • Implementation and development of video archives based on client server infrastructure or proprietary CDN

    • Deployment and managing of streaming services: provisioning, logging, monitoring, and reporting

      • Custom CDN design and implementation

      • Performance analysis

      • Delivery optimisation to mobile-multiple devices

      • Delivery optimisation to specific networks

      • IP block, streaming intranet, geo location delivery

      • Network management, including delivery analysis, bandwidth estimation, latency and forward error correction

        • Wowza streaming engine  –  Java server side

        • Amazon AWS

        • Video encoding and Database injection development

        • PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML5