Live Streaming Realtime Polls to engage your audience

Our Live Streaming Realtime Polls can be used for educational, business or entertainment purposes. Together with video Live Streaming the Realtime Polls tool allow a high level of audience engagement.

Our realtime Polls tool are perfect to engage both the audience in location and at the same time the audience that follows the event remotely in Live Streaming, allowing to verify in real-time the orientation, the preferences or the specific knowledge of the participants.

sistemi di polls sondaggi real-time

How Polls are created


Questions are setup before the event and the users vote with the own device (smartphone, tablet, laptop etc) and own connectivity. Following a URL or QR code the audience can vote or respond in real-time through an intuitive browser interface.

There are no limits to the number of questions on each poll and  answers can be multiple or single.

Polls access can be in clear or password protected, with a brandable user interface and URL.

Polls results

After the vote the presenter can show the result of the survey through a web browsr interface with a graphic representation of the percentage of the votes for any single question.

The results can be showed to audience and discussed in realtime on location and by remote users using their devices.

Our aim is to supply clients with a user friendly solution to share in real time ideas, orientations and knowledge with their audience on location and remotely.

polls interattivi sondaggi live streaming


  • Unrestricted number of questions for each poll
  • Single or multiple answers
  • Password protected poll
  • Percentage of vote results and  progress bars
  • Geo-analysis of the votes
  • Intuitive browser interface
  • Users vote from their own devices
  • Compatible with tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktop
  • All brosers and OS supported
  • White label and branded user interface
  • Polls can be added or modified  “last minute”


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